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About Cellular Refresh

Welcome to Cellular Refresh! We’re your repair shop with local roots in Fort Mill, SC. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG devices, and we can fix them with ease! Our highly skilled and trained technicians always stay ahead of the market, learning how to properly repair any kind of device, offering a Lifetime Warranty after you pick your device. We take great pride in the quality of our services and customer satisfaction. Here in Cellular Refresh, our customers always come first, and we understand what it means to go a day or two without your device. When you decide to put your device-related needs in our professional hands, we jump into action and work exhaustively in order to get your device running smoothly and efficiently once again. This allows you to resume your life and work with ease! On top of that, we offer a huge selection of pre-owned devices as well as the best accessories you can find on the market, with the lowest prices guaranteed!

Meet the Owner!

Cameron Jones established Cellular Refresh back in October 2014. Starting in his basement and as a High School Student, Cameron decided to provide users with far-reaching and affordable repairs. He started repairing iPhone screens for his friends, neighbors, and teachers until he decided to make the perfect business plan to make the “Cellular Refresh Dream” come true!